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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

In search of the rushing, gushing Yarra River - Part 2

The Yarra River at Warrandyte at 3.30pm (approx) on Monday 6 September 2010

These pictures were taken from the walk below the Riverside Cark Park.  As you can see, the water was only about 50cm below the walkway.  Would not have taken much more to break the bank on this side.  The other side does not have a low embankment.

Please note the height of the bridge.  Even strong bridges can be damaged by drivers as one can see in the picture.  But there was a bridge before this bridge...
This memorial post commemorates 
the artist Walter Withers who was
a member of the famous Heidelberg School

Here is the Withers picture of the Old Bridge, Warrandyte.
Please note the wattle tumbling down the hilly embankment.
If you look closely in my pictures above, 
you will see wattle on that embankment - 
not as profuse as portrayed in the painting by Withers, 
but there still.

The Heidelberg School had something of a colony at Warrandyte at one time - although it was not the best known colony of this unique group of Australian artists.  The legacy, though, lingers on.  Warrandyte is still a place that attracts creative people.

The day was getting darker.
Lunch should have happened hours ago.
A lovely old building summoned and I pulled into the carpark.
Smoke rising into the eucalypts from a stone chimney is a welcoming sight.

First stop, a long overdue browse at The Linen and Larder...
and in through the beckoning doors...
Linen and Larder is bursting with good stuff - 
homewares, gifts, clothing, and stuff for eating and eating upon.
A return journey with credit card is required.
Perhaps some thoughts for Christmas.
You will find L & L here:
Linen & Larder
321 Warrandyte-Ringwood Road
Warrandyte, Vic 3113

Tummy was still calling ... but a little louder ...
and so to next door ...
... and the Stonehouse Cafe Restaurant.
It has hints of yesteryear - but the decor needs a few additions.
I would suggest a deal with Linen and Larder for the interior.
There are two large banks of windows
opening out on to a verandah under the gum trees
with greedy, nosy sulphur-crested cockatoos a-visiting.
These windows - set into their stone walls -
could do with a couple of school benches under them.
A perfect place for newspaper and coffee.

But back to my tummy ...
I asked for a bowl of hot tomato and herb soup ...
and the bread was s-o-o scrumptious ...
... with some hot chocolate ...
Tummy was well looked after - then home.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Herself and I had a girls day out to-day. We drove to Mornington. First of all, we stopped for lunch at the Bay Hotel.  You can see the bistro section - which was beautifully warm and toasty - on the right of the collage above.

We checked out the menu:

We had certainly picked our day because we were able to avail ourselves of the Monday/Tuesday Special which meant that if we picked a "starred" item we got it for $15 with a complimentary glass of wine.  I know I don't dine out often these days, Trad Padders, but I hadn't come across a cleverly marked menu such as this.  Along with the stars, the menu sported tiny 'v's for vegetarian and 'gf's for gluten free.  I am vegetarian and I appreciated this thoughtful touch and I am sure the gluten free brigade would too.

I ordered Mediterranean Pappardelle which, ordinarily according to the menu, has chicken.  I asked for the dish without the chicken and they were happy to oblige.  So my pappardelle came with roasted vegetables, pan seared with olive oil, tossed through the pappardelle and sprinkled with feta and toasted pine nuts.  Herself - who is a carnivore - ordered the Hopkins River Beef Burger.  I didn't have the wine.  Herself had mine and I had a coke.  She seemed well pleased with her vino.  I noted that The Bay promotes local Mornington Peninsula wines with other Australian wines bringing up the rear.  So, as you can see, we had good provender.

Our real purpose for the day was to visit the Mornington Antiques Centre.  But before we set off for there, Herself wanted to make a visit to the local Bed Bath and Table.  We couldn't find close parking in the main street and had to turn out of the main street only to find ample parking and more shops, including major chains like Target, behind the main street shops.  We got out of the car and Pomme caught my eye.  I figured in could do BBT back home any time.  And off I went to Pomme...

The chairs at the front of Pomme are bright and cheery
and the store will cover these chairs to the fabric of your choice.
 Display of art and design, jewellery and homewares
is beautifully done at Pomme.  Go see for yourselves.
 These delicate hanging pendants are filled with tiny treasures.
Behind them, are enchanting artworks of Belted Galloway cattle.
I purchased something for my sister's forthcoming birthday -
but I won't let out the secret here.

Then we were off to browse the Morninton Antiques Centre...
And we did walk away with some goodies.
Herself bought a beautiful print of pink roses.
I brought home a chest of drawers which I hope to transform
and two wooden cutlery holders for pens & scissors & etceteras.
Perhaps that will be the subject of the next post.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Garage Sale at Upper Gully -and- Bluster and beauty at Brighton


Rescued and refurbished - from the Hard Rubbish
We at The Trad Pad are divesting again with a garage sale on Saturday. Please email me for address and details. Piece de resistance will be this charming two seater cane lounge all freshly refurbished. It has a shabby chic-style bench pad with roses one side, as you can see dear Reader, and the other side is in an elegant pink and white stripe. Lots of other good things, new and vintage, will be on sale at reasonable prices.

Blustery Brighton

I was in Brighton this afternoon. The beachfront was blustery. These pictures were taken at the end of North Road. The tide was in and the wind was making sea spray and white horses. Not quite cyclonic but significant force in the wind. Reports say 60kph - I'd say 60mph!
Away from the blustery beachfront and around in Durrant Street, I discovered the charm of Flower mee at No. 43. The talented Kathryn Weichmann pulls an array of wonderful goods and material together into a memorable whole. Kathryn told me she was in the process of clearing the decks somewhat to make space for the Christmas goodies. Can't wait to get Herself to schedule a visit with me to see what Santa has in store at Kathryn's hands.
Flower mee - Kathryn Weichmann, principal, 32 Durrant Street, Brighton. Phone: 9592 1480 Mobile: 0414 917 070

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chai and browsing in Sassafras

Miss Eagle did coffee with a friend at Ripe in Sassafras yesterday. Miss E has posted on Ripe before. This time Miss took some photos to show you. Because Ripe has no sign outside to tell you it is Ripe. There are an ice-cream sign and some tables and chairs so you might think it is just a cafe/ice-creamery not a fully-fledged eating establishment reviewed and blogged here and here. Miss E and friend did chai: chai latte for friend, black tea-based for Miss E. And passionfruit cheesecake. Miss E does have to comment on the predictability of dessert and pastry cake offerings at coffee and cake time across Melbourne. Time for a re-think and re-jig if some culinary brains could be set in motion on this dilemma.
Before going home to Upper Gully, Miss E popped into Tea Leaves because she was nearly out of chai at home. This time she is trying a green tea based chai. Tea Leaves is wonderful - wall to wall teapots and everything tea. Stacked and packed on shelves.

In the window and beautiful settings.
And then into another favourite place, Antiques in Sassafras. A delight to eye and spirit.

And these give a whole new meaning to "getting the blues", don't they?
And then the signs.
But, if Christmas really was in July and Santa could be expected on 25/7, here is what I would be seeking. Paris stamps! Everything from the Eiffel Tower to a post mark!
And there's news!

Antiques in Sassafras will soon be opening a home and giftwares establishment across the road behind Quirky's, the funky clothing place across from the plant nursery. Miss E expects it will be as beautiful and spirit-lifting as AiS.