Friday, December 09, 2005

The Journey after Lapbanding - 2

A hiccup in proceedings. Woke up this morning feeling lousy and a lot of redness about one of my five keyhole wounds. A phone call to the clinic's Nurse Practitioner, Pam. This was followed by a call from Desley at the surgeon's office at the Epworth at Box Hill to come in straightaway. Infection - but thought to be only superficial. Big hitting 500mg antibiotics and back to the surgeon's Fitzroy office on Monday. So that's why the sad face.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Journey after Lapbanding - 1

This will be brief. I came home from hospital last night - a little early because my progress was so good. I had no pain - just some discomfort in my tummy. Everyone was amazed that I had requested no pain killers since some women have morphine drips! My little Chinese nurse Mae checked my patient notes when she came on yesterday afternoon and quizzed me through a list of pain killers which I had been allowed - none of which I requested. There is still some discomfort. I believe this is mainly due to my innards being swollen because of the interference with them during the laproscopic surgery. The operation was straight forward. The recovery has been straight forward. I am on fluids now for the next two weeks. Then for the four weeks after that I will eat only pureed food. The purpose of such an extended time is to give things time to heal before putting solid food in which might stretch the tiny new stomach. The major surprise is with my diabetes. The surgeon said it would resolve itself within 12 months. But I have not had a Diabex tablet since Tuesday night and my reading a few moments ago was 4.6 (I'm usually somewhere between the high sixes and mid sevens). I had checked last week with my GP about what would happen with the diabetes medication. It was decided to play it by ear - so by ear and the seat of my pants I'm playing it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The journey to Lapbanding - 6

Zero hour is nigh. The suitcase is packed and I am all but out the door en route to John Fawkner Hospital at Coburg. What will happen to my tummy is pictured at right. I have lost 8kg. Only 1kg in the last week. The 7kg were shed in quite dramatic fashion in the first week. This makes approximately 12kg since I first went to the clinic. Since Saturday I kept strictly to the fast. So hopefully there will be that little extra room in the tummy for the surgeon to do his stuff. People, hopefully, will see a little less of me in the future.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Foucault's Pendulum resolved

Some years ago I read Umberto Eco's book, Foucault's Pendulum. This is a 600 page tour de force. Focault's Pendulum is about three editors who cook up a hoax involving the Knights Templar, Stonehenge, the Kabbalah, the Rosicruicians and Brazilian voodoo -among other things - that suddenly becomes all too real. I got to the end and wondered what it was all about. The only conclusion I could come to was that it was a satire about the occult and the conspiracy-type theories they breed. But after all these years, I think I may have Eco's own answer to my question of what it is all about. It is here in a simple article which speaks to our current spiritual condition. And in all this, Eco still builds the Christmas crib with his grandson.

As a postscript, I should add that I have not bothered to read the Da Vinci Code. Having read Focault's Pendulum and Holy Blood Holy Grail (whose authors are suing Dan Brown) and having a theological understanding of gnosticism I didn't feel so inclined.