Thursday, July 20, 2006

Melbourne Shopping Festival

Miss Eagle is gobsmacked. Who ever heard the like - a shopping festival!

Miss Eagle realises that there are many temples distributed around Australian cities dedicated to the gods and icons of Consumerism - but a festival! What does this mean? Does it mean that Consumerism, as a free-standing religion, will now establish its own religious calendar instead of converting the feasts of the Christian calendar for its own ends? Will the Melbourne Shopping Festival become the Hajj of Consumerism with Melbourne its Mecca? Will Melbourne business offer indulgences of huge percentages off in the same way that indulgences were sold once upon a time?

Miss Eagle thinks that one of the attractions for the powers-that-be in Melbourne is that a shopping festival could be run concurrently with at least one other major event on the Melbourne calendar. Perhaps there can even be more than one shopping festival fitted into the calendar. Shopping Festival and Grand Prix! Shopping Festival and AFL Grand Final! Shopping Festival and Melbourne Cup! You see juggling the circuses of Melbourne has become a game of increasing difficulty. This year the Grand Prix and the Commonwealth Games were jostling one another in a packed calendar.

Talk about Bread and Circuses!

Now Miss Eagle cannot say how many bakeries Melbourne has but this city - which boasts that it is the sporting capital of Australia - is well set up for circuses. There are more sporting arenas within walking distance of the CBD than in any other city in the country: the MCG, Olympic Park, Rod Laver and Vodaphone Arena, Telstra Dome, Albert Park with Flemington Racetrack being only a short cab or train ride away. And we won't go into the subject of theatres and public places and spaces like Federation Square.

One thing, though, that Miss Eagle wants to know. If there is to be a Melbourne Shopping Festival how will the Opp Shop clientele such as Miss Eagle and Gina be catered for? Or will we have to establish our own Fringe Festival?

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Man in Black for Breakfast

There is not much time for music on Radio National Breakfast on the ABC but for the last few mornings - including Geraldine Doogue's show on Saturday morning last - Fran Kelly has been playing a track from Johnny Cash's posthumous album, "American Five: a hundred highways". The tracks from this record were cut while he was ill in bed. He would sit up in bed and sing until he was to tired or exhausted and the tracks would be taken away and produced. Miss Eagle finds it difficult to listen without tears coming to her eyes. The great Man in Black in a weakened condition but still the music will out! And it has gone to Number One.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A corner of the Trad Pad

Herself has taken the Laundry in hand. At the Trad Pad, as in most homes, the Laundry (apart from the Loo) is the least room in the house. But at the Trad Pad, it not only serves as Laundry and Mud Room but it is the entry to the house for Miss Eagle and Herself and most of the visitors. You see, there is no road in front of the Trad Pad. Only a footpath. The only house in the street without a road. This is very confusing for first time visitors. They get confused in spite of clear instructions and directions and finish up all over the neighbourhood. So the front door is little used and entry for most is from the side street. So here is the newly styled laundry.