Saturday, March 16, 2013

To market, to market, and to market at beautiful Buninyong

To-day I went to the Buninyong Markets.  Buninyong is a charming Victorian country village and now an outer suburb of Ballarat.  Once a month, on the third Saturday, it becomes Market Central.  THE market, so to speak, is organised by Rotary and you can find details here.

To my visitor's eye, I saw the market as a whole comprised of three sections.  Inside the Town Hall, seemed to be the Makers' Market: food, soaps, crafts, and so on.  Outside, the service lane coming parking area was taken over by things that grow.  This, to me, was the Farmers' Market.  This two/thirds was part of the Rotary bailiwick.

Next door at the Buninyong Uniting Church there was the third section: a Car Boot Sale.  I think some of the stuff there would not have fitted anywhere near a car boot.  There were crowds of stalls on the extensive front lawns of the church.  All manner of materials and things and books and things. Up next to the church itself is the church hall from where Uniting Church women served tea and biscuits alongside a table selling various goods and the whole in the midst of boxes and boxes of all manner of books.

I think it is a marvellous undertaking that Buninyong has embarked upon.  It brings people, goods and money to the village in a rather joyous jumble to make a marvellous whole.

To take a peek at the experience of going to market in Buninyong,

A garden, a giant cabbage and a Trad Pad

I love this grow yer own garden ...
befitting a Trad Pad
Wisconsin, 1895.
Just one thing?  What was the keeping quality of the cabbage?

A Place called Robertson and The Nature of Robertson : a remarkable tiny village in the Southern Highlands

 At Robertson, The Big Spud gets a face
Read all about it at The Nature of Robertson by Denis Wilson

As readers of this blog will have gathered, Miss Eagle loves community, tradition and social history.  Miss Eagle's good friend Denis Wilson of The Nature of Robertson has posted to-day about a movie that has just been made about the town of Robertson.  It is called, very simply,  "A Place Called Robertson".

The Southern Highlands of New South Wales is a beautiful and special inland region - and people from the coast who can afford a weekender or holiday house have long recreated there.  These days the place is filled with all manner of tree-changers, including my friend Denis who settled on Robertson, a tiny village in the Southern Highlands, because the weather suited the growing of his favourite flowers, peonies. I say favourite flowers but I do wonder if they are still at the top of his floral list.  This is because, if you follow Denis's blog, you will notice his penchant for those teeny-weeny things known as ground orchids.

I have got to know Robertson, just a little, and some of its talented inhabitants, because of Denis.  You too can get to know Robertson if you read Denis's blog linked above.

If you go to the link about the movie you will find a link to the brief trailer.  I fell about roaring with laughter ... so heaven knows how I would behave at the movies.  The movie appears to be packing them out at the Empire Theatre in nearby Bowral and due to public demand there is to be an additional screening of the Robertson film on Friday March 22nd at 5.30pm for all the people who couldn't get in to the premiere.  It is not a fundraising screening.  

I wonder if the movie will travel.  If not, I hope the ABC or SBS pick it up soon so we can all enjoy it and so those of us who have had a taste of the friendship and fun and creativity of Robertson can reminisce as well.