Saturday, July 07, 2007

Away: at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Into each life a little life must fall - and Miss Eagle has had more than a little life in the weeks of her absence from this blog. But she is back - with hundreds of pictures! News of her doings is spread across the blogs - 100% of the dear Readers are not necessarily interested in 100% of Miss E's doings.

There is the establishment of Dawn of Life. The organisation of a Prayer Vigil around the UN's Millennium Development Goals, Global Warming, and Make Indigenous Poverty History. The booklet for the PV can be downloaded from The Eagle's Nest and Desert. Eating is discussed here. The Conference I attended at Ballarat will, in due course, be written about at Desert. The tourist photos will appear here at The Trad Pad.

The Conference at Ballarat was preceded by doing the tourist bit - Sovereign Hill, the Gold Museum, the Eureka Centre, and the Fine Art Gallery. The, after the conference, Miss E came home on The Great Tourist Road through the Grampians and The Great Ocean Road.

For those who want to look at all the pictures of Sovereign Hill, you can go here. But if you don't have time for this I have put together themed collages below. Click on the picture to enlarge with the option of opening in a separate tab.

The Animals of Sovereign Hill

The World of Kitchens

Fences and Gates

Warmth and Light

Signs - English and Chinese

Windows and Doors