Saturday, December 17, 2005

William Morris - for Sharon

This picture is for Sharon
over at Beyond the Blank Page
She has been dreaming of
William Morris stitchery lately.
published in The English Home December 2005
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Avec Amour and the Christmas Angel

Herself has a beautiful shop at Knoxfield
- Avec Amour -
The Christmas Angel lives there
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Rose - and the one that got away

We have a masculine feline called Rose.
He's a Russell Crowe sort of cat.
Yesterday he brought in a bird.
It sought shelter behind the sideboard.
I locked Rose in my bedroom until the bird flew away.
I then let him out.
This is the record of his fruitless search for his prey.
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ferntree Gully National Park

Went for a walk this morning in Ferntree Gully National Park
which is only five minutes away from The Trad Pad.
It was a beautiful sunshiney day.
The park is not pristine as can be seen by the invasion of agapanthus and sweet peas
among a host of weed species.
There are native species to admire and enjoy.... gumnuts...


...and banks of fine maidenhair fern

...and native blossom.

There are mighty eucalypts

...and young saplings.

I walked along Belview Terrace.

I left the path seeking a short cut. I took a tumble.

I hadn't read Sharon's post at that stage in which she said

"May your path continue to get smoother..."

I didn't think that I could do the Lotus Position but found I could

if my feet ended up a few cms below my derriere.

This was the upward view from my tumbling spot.

Along my way, a shy wallaby went deeper into the bush

and a pair of red parrots hid in the tree branches

so that I couldn't photograph them.

It was a beautiful time and took sixty-five minutes.

Based on my recent condition, I felt that was a great effort.

The Journey after Lapbanding - 4

There's a smile on my dial this morning. I have got out of bed this morning feeling really great - how long since I felt like this? The bed's made, the washing is on. Will pop over to the National Park soon for a morning walk. How 'bout that? Thank you for the good wishes. I needed them.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Journey after Lapbanding - 3

Have been pretty darn ill. Was freezing cold for three and a half days and eventually warmed up on Sunday afternoon! Have been into the surgeon to-day. The cephalin seems to be working and the infected site is shrinking but to be on the safe side he has - to this time - written prescriptions for three courses of cephalin. He also prescribed Dia-Gesic this afternoon and this has made a bit of difference. As I write at 9pm, I am feeling much better and much clearer.

Sean the surgeon seems to think that it is a combination of factors: the inadequate caloric intake (this is what this is all about); the impact of the infection in such a situation; and he says that sometimes people do bounce out of hospital like me only to be struck low some days later. He says they don't understand why this happens. I have another ten days on the liquid phase and then I move on to the pureed phase which I am then on for a month. Then the day before Australia Day on 25/1, I have my first "adjustment" which is adding/withdrawal of liquid to/from the port that is connected to the lapband. This governs how much and what can be eaten. Of course, in all this I am losing weight. 15kg in about the last six weeks.