Sunday, July 31, 2011


Over at The Nature of Robertson,

and my thoughts about the arbitrary nature of the dating of Spring.

Here is a fine instance of a Wattle in bloom in time for a revised Wattle Day,
August 1 if the powers that be want to take notice.

I was smitten by this species of Wattle so .....
an email to Denis asking for identification.
Here's what Denis said ~~~

It is a prostrate form of Cootamundra Wattle.

This plant has been grown so widely that aberrant forms have appeared (naturally) 
and then (and this is the real point) have been recognised as worthy of cultivation, 
so they have come into commerce.

There is a lovely form which has purple tips.

But in many areas the true form has become a garden escape, 
and ends up being eradicated from nature reserves 
around Canberra as a weedy species.