Friday, August 04, 2006

Gainfully - and permanently - employed!

Since late May, Miss Eagle has been temping in a certain public institution in the eastern suburbs. After approx. two months in the position, it was advertised. Your Miss Eagle, dear Reader, applied for the position and has been appointed. On Monday next, she becomes a permanent employee (albeit on six months probation!).

Now Miss Eagle is pretty chuffed about this! Miss Eagle is no spring chicken. She does not look good in a mini-skirt and is well and truly over wearing long spikey heels and pointy toes. And, as a friend of Miss Eagle's once said, the competition tends to get younger, better looking, and better qualified. But here she is. Permanent employment is at hand! What with one thing and another - mostly ill health - Miss Eagle has not been an employee for four and a half years. So when all this is considered, the whole deal seems rather miraculous to your correspondent.

But Miss Eagle knows what human nature is like - particularly her own quirky brand of it. She keeps telling herself that in six months time, when the job may then seem mundane and repetitive, she must remember how she feels right now!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to horses everywhere

To-day, August 1, is the birthday of the horse. So Miss Eagle takes the opportunity of wishing horses everywhere a Happy Birthday and hopes the next year brings lots of green grass, considerate owners, and a fruitful time of breeding, and winning.

Here are some famous Australian horses, including a reference to Miss Eagle's childhood favourite, Radish.