Thursday, September 23, 2010

A kindred spirit: Vegetable Vagabond

Trad Padders, isn't it a lovely feeling when we meet a kindred spirit - someone whom you want to ask home to play, have a cuppa, pull up a chair for a chat.  Thanks to my dear friend Belinda, of Belinda's Place, I have discovered Kate living at Cygnet, in Tasmania.  Her most recent post is called A Brief History of the World - and it is brilliant.

And if you pop to this post, you will find not only a post about fibre weaving but inspirational pictures of the most wonderful fences straight (or crooked) from nature.

Of course, Miss Eagle is a sucker for anyone who loves and lives community and works at it - as clearly Kate does as her blog links attest.  So please pop over and say hello and say that Miss Eagle sent you.