Friday, June 25, 2010

Julia Gilliard, Prime Minister of Australia - where she lives

Picture from here.

Dear Trad Padders, I hesitate to bring politics over here.  I keep that to The Network.  But I ask your indulgence because Australia has just elected its first woman Prime Minister, Julia Gillard ,and you will find quite a bit of rejoicing  over at The Network about this.  

There is a little post at The Network - written before the sudden events which have thrust Julia into this most senior position in national affairs  - which suggests a place for Julia in a revised factional order of things.  Please go and have a look.

But over here at the The Trad Pad where we are interested in houses and gardens and the domestic,  I am so pleased that The Age has decided to keep us updated on the Prime Minister's domestic arrangements.  

But Julia is not Everywoman - except perhaps in terms of a certain generation, a certain demographic.  She has a male partner but is not married.  She has chosen not to have children - and, if a woman wishes to dedicate herself to a political life, this may not be a negative choice.  And Julia has announced that she will not move to The Lodge until she has been elected to office by the Australian people.  Five stars for this, Julia.  She says she is quite happy with her house In Altona and her flat in Canberra, our national capital.  The Age has given us some insight into the domestic arrangements of our new Prime Minister

Sunday, June 20, 2010

By popular Facebook and Twitter demand: Stephen Fry is coming to Melbourne

Don't know if Trad Padders have caught up with this story
of the power of Facebook.

The wonderful Mr Fry was headed for Sydney,
merely Sydney!!
Up sprung a Facebook Cause
(which Miss Eagle duly joined)
to bring Stephen to the cultural capital of Australia,
namely Melbourne!!

Many thx to one Ronan McEwan.

The inimitable Mr Fry's conversation
will range across
  travel, art, TV, the internet and Twitter over 90 minutes.
Miss Eagle would suggest an additional topic:

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