Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas, nostalgia and Victoriana

Christmas is THE season for nostalgia and imagination. It always amazes me how humankind has certain pictures in its collective head which seem to be culturally pre-programmed. For instance, in this driest continent on earth we hanker for green lawns and European style gardens - even when we use native plants. People who live in tropical and sub-tropical Australia seem to have this deep yearning to plant palm trees - in spite of the fact that there are only one or two species native to Australia - and they are not coastal and nor do they bear coconuts.

A drop of Anglo blood seems to program one for a predeliction for a Victorian or Dickensian Christmas even if it can never be a white one in Australia.

So, dear Reader, if you have not yet discovered Victoriana magazine, get yourself over there for inspiration on trimming the tree, different cards, and activities for children. It is a delight.