Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bewitched in the bleak midwinter at the winter solstice

Yesterday, was a trip ten minutes up the wind-y windy road to Sassafras and the beautiful blue Dandenongs to some lovely jollities. Well, the beautiful blue Dandenongs were not blue. It was the bleak midwinter Dandenongs, the coldest place in Melbourne, at the time of the winter solstice. At the bottom of the hill, Upper Gully was overcast and cloudy but clear. Sassafras was in a shroud of thick pea soup fog. With village shops and Miss Marple's presence in the main street, it could have provided the atmosphere for an Agatha Christie novel.

However, back to the jollities. Miss Eagle was there to meet Brownie of Bwca Dysthymia - who has been sojourning for a few weeks at Kalorama - and that well known amateur thinker, JahTeh of CopperWitch at The House of Coffee who had visited from the Inner East to survey the mountain tops. The conversation was wide ranging, the laughs were plentiful and the getting to know two fellow bloggers a warm and joyful experience. Luvved ya, gals!

And the clever CopperWitch had brought a gift of her own making. This delightful work of art, embroidered in the teeniest, tinyiest stitches mounted on velvet. Note the mounted deep blue gemstones on either side. And all mounted on a beautiful, beribboned cushion.

What a delight!

And, next door to the House of Coffee, at Antiques at Sassafras, Miss Eagle made a purchase. You will recall, dear Reader, Miss E's recent visit to Sassafras. She remarked - and photographed - at the time on the Paris rubber stamps. She resolved on this visit to bring them home with her if they were still available. They were there. Now they are here at the Trad Pad. Herself thinks they are wonderful. Gift wrapping and carding will have a Parisian flavour for quite a while, methinks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogging company

I am sitting in the office/work room at the computer. But Miss Eagle has company.

Rose has esconced himself on some wadding on the worktable.

FootFoot is on my lap in front of the computer. Currently he is spread out on my lab with his chin snuggled in the crook of my left elbow. He is alseep and snoring.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Sunday in Melbourne: Part 2: Bloggers meet

Call Miss Eagle a female chauvinist if you will, but one has to say - aren't women interesting creatures!
Miss Eagle joined a number of other female bloggers in the city this afternoon. Present (and, dear Reader, you will have to find out which was which for your very self) at the meeting were:
  • an architect
  • a tap dancer
  • a printer
  • a policy analyst
  • a production manager
  • a primary teacher
  • an ex-librarian (there were two others there as well)
  • a public servant
  • a community activist

Individual doings included:

  • preparing for the imminent birth of a child
  • preparing to return to work from maternity leave
  • preparing for a photographic exhibition
  • crafting all manner of clothes and objects
  • devising knitting patterns
  • participation in a book club (there was more than one participant)
  • preparing art work for the Sacred Space at a local hospital
  • designing and printing business cards (more than one)

There were nine of us as can be seen - and that was difficult enough to get to know one another and each other's interests.

Blogs represented (besides Miss Eagle's) were:

A Sunday in Melbourne: Part 1: Brenda Blethyn

Miss Eagle was off to an early start this morning to fit everything into the day ahead. It was the 8am service at St Thom's here at Upper Gully instead of mooching around and doing the 9.30am. Then zooming along the Monash Freeway into Toorak and the Palace Como to preview Brenda Blethyn's movie, Clubland, with Brenda herself doing an interview and Qs&As afterwards.
Clubland is a tour de force for Brenda. If she was starting out on her career, Brenda Blethyn could use this film as a portfolio of her work in various genres - comedy, drama, pathos, sentiment. While Brenda carries this Australian movie, she has a wonderful cast of well-known and experienced Aussies supporting her: Frankie J Holden, Rebecca Gibney, and Phililp Quast. The movie is a showcase, though, for up and coming talents: the fair and beautiful Emma Booth, Katie Wall, the brilliant Khan Chittenden, and do character actors really come as young as Richard Wilson.

This movie is both a passing of age and coming of age movie. Brenda's character, Jean, has seen better days and is trying to reclaim them. Her sons, Tim and Mark, are making their own individual ways to manhood: Tim battling his shyness and Mark grappling with his brain-damaged-at-birth hurdles.

The post-movie interview was conducted in expert fashion by Peter Krausz, Chair of the Australian Film Critics Association.

The director of this movie is Cherie Nowlan who also directed another brilliant rite of passage drama, the multi-award winning mini-series Marking Time, in which Katy Wall (Kelly) had a role. Marking Time is a great favourite of Miss E.