Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Pie of Life

Miss Eagle is a dedicated Leunig fan. There are times when the words of Leunig are the word of God into her life: pastoral, prophetic. To-day is such a day.

The pie of life
Is hurled into your face
Every day.
But that is no disgrace.
A life worth living gets splattered on your shirt -
And though you're shocked
And rather deeply hurt;
These pies of life
Which fly out of the blue:
You're made for them
And they were made for you.
Thank you, Michael Leunig, from the bottom of my heart. I needed that. This quirky verse and its wonderful illustrations are meditation, perspective, and encouragement.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Miss Eagle takes a turn for the worst

Well, dear Reader, this week has hardly measured high on the enjoyment richter scale. You see, Miss Eagle's health has not been good over the last twelve months because of a recurrent and persistent ailment. Last Tuesday, matters took a new twist, a turn for the worst, and the result was admission to the Angliss Hospital. These photos are the result.

Here is the patient in bed:
This was the getting well gear: a saline drip with lots of antibiotics injected into it.
Breakfast was simple. The food is very limited. Standard Australian Diet (SAD by abbreviation and SAD by nature) cooked without salt and neither salt nor pepper provided. Why not a salt substitute? Why no other herbs or spices? And how do they get mashed potato to the consistency they do? Scorecard? Someone, somewhere can certainly do better.
There was no nice print on the wall nor an interesting poster. The wall decor consisted of a clock - to watch time fly, no doubt:

and this. Should it be named Modern Hospital Installation? Exciting, do you think?
Thanks to Mother Nature and some large window space, one wall afforded the opportunity for some beauty. Wednesday was grey, but Thursday was beautifully sunny and the Dandenong Ranges National Park enchanted me once again.
The focus became the Bedside Table
Some good reading and a journal to express Miss E's thoughts and feelings took care of quite a bit of time,
as well a lovely magazine
writing about home decor.

Thank you to the wonderful medical, nursing, and radiological staff. Miss E particularly appreciated the hardwork of the Emergency Department staff under the leadership - at least as far as Miss E was concerned - of Danny Ben Eli. A girl can still fall in love with a doctor, can't she? And she had two roommates during her stay - older single women like Miss E, namely Jenny and Henrietta. Miss E hopes they are, quite literally, on their feet soon. And Miss E was pleased to see Lois - part of her community of faith at St Thom's, Upper Gully - who is on the chaplaincy team at the Angliss.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Colours of Provence

Miss Eagle, dear Reader, in a previous incarnation owned a gift, homewares and decorating shoppe. One of her suppliers, sending their wares thousands of kilometers to the tropical north, was Colours of Provence. To-day, your correspondent discovered that she is still on the e-mail list. CoP has written informing, nay bragging, that they have six containers arriving at their Southbank showroom between February and April. Not only did they write, they sent pictures. Needless to say, their usual beautiful stuff. Decorating porn!

Miss E informed Herself. Herself only hissed one word - "Drugs!"

And indeed. Such promotion to addicts. Smack for addicts. Total abstinence required - but can we make it? Will we resist temptation - or will we pay it a visit???

A corner of my world - 1

A corner of the living room at The Trad Pad - beside a big squishy couch.
A place for relaxing and sleeping with furry friends.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cutting it? These take the biscuit....

Over at Pear Tree Cottage!, Lee-ann has displayed a marvellous collection of cookie cutters. Miss Eagle loves biscuit cutters too so here are hers. Some, Miss E has had for quite a while - but they are not the oldies and goodies that live at Pear Tree Cottage!