Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bass Strait

The rollers come in from Bass Strait at Paradise Beach.
Paradise Beach (otherwise known as Letts Beach) is part of The 90 Mile Beach.
I camped here the first night.
Parks Victoria has a campsite here.
The site is very simple. There are toilets and tables in a shelter.
There is no water view because the ocean front is lined with melaleuca
to a depth of about 50 metres. Needful to avoid erosion.
There would have been about 20 people camped there.

I awoke in the morning to gale force winds
which prevented me from entering the water while taking note of the warning above
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Wild Life

This sign is on the road between Longford and The 90 Mile Beach.
On my journey, neither a roo nor a wombat to be seen
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Friday, January 06, 2006

Meself to Mallacoota

On 2 January in the afternoon, I took off for a camping trip I had been planning a while. Just a few days to explore parts of country Victoria that I had not seen. (Only been in Vic 16 months.) I have a Mitsubishi station wagon and I planned to camp in this - because I enjoy camping and also to cut down on motel bills. I have a single rubber mattrress covered in plastic - obtained from someone's footpath before the Hard Waste Collection. You can see my bed made up in the wagon complete with a pair of pillows in vintage embroidered pillowcases with crocheted edges. How the genteel shabby chic elder lady goes camping :-) LOL!

Of course, who gets in the car every chance he can get - none other than FootFoot! He esconced himself there while I finished the rest of the packing. He could tell he wasn't going - but the look in his eyes!

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Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year Vistor

Among our visitors for the New Year was the gorgeous Enrico.
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
! Everyone !
My wishes for 2006:
I wish for love and compassion; peace and creativity;
hope and support for one another; joy for life and joy in one another;
faith in ourselves and our Creator;
an understanding of ourselves in and of the wonderful creation that is our planet
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