Thursday, May 17, 2007

Announcement: Jane Brocket revealed

Miss Eagle has, like all of us, her favourite blogs. Some of these are simple blogger blogs. Others have wonderful titles and fonts and layouts. Miss E's FeedDemon has umpteen categories - but the really beautiful ones are put in two categories: Charmers and Charmers - Aussies.

The two Charmer categories are totally inhabited by women: women who love beauty, women who are creative. And to keep and be categorised here, only the best will do.
And the very, very, very best in Miss Eagle's view (apologies to all my blogging friends) is yarnstorm. The person behind yarnstorm is Jane Brocket.
The layout of yarnstorm is simple and elegant. Jane writes about books, the family baking, the family crafts and creativity, and - needless to say - knitting. We know that Jane is well-educated and it is clear from the way she writes and what she chooses to write about. And she does write well - so well, in fact, that this year she has a book contract with Hodder & Stoughton.
But it not just Jane's writing that makes the blog, it is her wonderful photos. They are brilliant. They cover flowers - we all know how dotty she is about tulips; the biscuits and rock buns and cake decoration of family baking; and, of course, the knitting - and the patchwork and quilting. All done with superb style. Miss Eagle thinks that it is highly probable that Style is Jane's middle name.
Through all this, we have had no idea of what Jane looked like. We have seen her nail varnished toes and, perhaps, other bits and pieces of her. But never HER - not enough to see what she might really look like. Until to-day!
Today, Jane Brocket is revealed. The big reveal. We can see the woman behind the blog and the yet to be published book. And the blogosphere is thrilled, Miss Eagle can report!
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