Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tap dancing to May

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Over at Two Homes, Patty decided she needed a distraction while doing wonders for her new Art Room. So she takes the blame/credit for referral to this quiz site. Please keep up those prayers and hugs so that come May 25th, Miss Eagle will not only fly but have a decent tap dance in her.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Signs of Easter - 3

Some favourite things are in this spot. Miss Eagle's dear departed Dearly Beloved owned the chess table. The crocheted rug in the basket is a UFO from Miss Eagle's late mother, Phyl. Phyl had been doing this for her grandson, Sam, when she died. Miss Eagle's sister and Sam's mother, The Director, does not crochet so Miss E volunteered. After fifteen years and Sam nearly 30, Miss E is nearly finished. We shall see if winter brings a conclusion!
The ducks are favourites of Miss E which belonged to long-since-departed great-uncles.
The pencil and quill belong to Herself and come from Il Papero.

Eggs in a basket of moss. Easter is on the way.

The phone book and a feather

A block of wood - and art and beauty

Over at Getting Stitched, Kristin has posted with an update about Mary Azarian and her work. Now, dear Reader, your correspondent, Miss Eagle, cannot quite recall how she found out about Mary A. Perhaps, Kristin did a previous post. But twelve months or more ago, Miss E 'discovered' the wonderful work of Mary Azarian, woodcut artist.
Miss Eagle purchased Mary Azarian's The Gardener's Alphabet over the net as a birthday gift for Herself. Miss E would provide the link for you, dear Reader, but it seems to be broken or disappeared.
Kristen says that Mary confirmed her belief that it takes time, practice, and plain hard work to build any artist's or business' reputation. The lonely toiling-on develops style, techniques, talent, and skills which sometimes (but not always) turns into success on a commercial level. Love what you do and keep doing it, having faith that someone, somewhere will recognize your talent. Try not to get discouraged if success takes longer to obtain than you would ever have thought it would.

Sounds a lot like our endeavours with our blogs and our collections and our craft and creativity don't you think?

Mary Azarian

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Signs of Easter - 2

Under the glassy dome, are little green eggs in a variety of designs.
Easter is the season of new life.
Green is an appropriate colour for Easter.
The green shoots of renewed life.
Green is also the colour of hope.
New life and hope: the elements of the Easter message.