Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Gardens of Upper Gully 2

The pink rose of the previous post lives in this garden. Miss Eagle is very fond of this garden and its house. In recent years, Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic has achieved prominence. Miss Eagle thinks this garden and its house qualify as Shabby Chic. There is wisteria over the garage and white fluffy curtains at the windows.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Gardens of Upper Gully 1

The gardens of Upper Gully are responding well to spring.
These are a few beauties showing off as Miss Eagle walked home
from the Railway Station yesterday.

One enthusiastic citizen has a marvellous garden on the King's Park side of his fence.

This year it has really matured and is a standout.

And below are the roses of Mount View Road

My favourite type of rose. Deep Red. Heavily scented. Going to dark velvet at the edges.

This one is gorgeous. It might be perfect if only it had a scent.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rodney comes to The Trad Pad

There is a new addition to family life at The Trad Pad.
He is Rodney (remember the Eddie Murphy Dr Doolittle) the Guinea Pig.

Rodney joins FootFoot and Trixie, the miniature Fox Terriers, and Rose the Spartacat. Miss Eagle thinks this is dangerous territory for a Rodney but Herself, full of optimism re the animal kingdom, thinks all will be well. All Miss Eagle can say is just as well Rodney resides in a a wonderful black nylon mesh cage.

Rodney came to The Trad Pad from next door neighbours, D & M. D is a snake fancier and has purchased Rodney to feed to his pet python. However, this didn't happen and Rodney and the python became friends. Now D has gone off the whole idea of fresh meet for the python and will resort to frozen mice. They asked Herself if she wanted the Pinny-gig - well Miss Eagle thinks that D knew whom he was asking.

FootFoot, Trixie and Rose are adjusting - we think, we hope. The Guinea Pig entry from Wikipedia has been downloaded as a guide to Rodney's care. And here are some pictures of Rodney and FootFoot. What is on FootFoot's canine mind? Is he just trying to make a new friend? Possible. FootFoot is a social animal. He loves cats and Rose came to The Trad Pad as a pet for FootFoot. A pet for a pet. But is the memory of his breed uppermost? Is the Fox Terrier thinking that this is the sort of beastie he has been bred over generations to chase and deal with?

Herself thinks love, goodness and kindness will bring about a good relationship on all sides. Miss Eagle? She will wait and she will see.