Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tricking and Treating in Upper Gully

A few days ago, this notice appeared in our letter box. Click to enlarge. Now, Miss Eagle doesn't go for the great emphasis on Hallowe'en these days. It seems to be an American emphasis and - since not many kids are raised in the ancient Christian traditions - there is no balance with teaching about All Saints Day and All Souls Day, the tradition with which Hallowe'en is inextricably bound.
However, Miss E could not resist this notice with its polite request. So this afternoon, Miss Eagle hung the inflated balloon from a tree beside the letter box and prepared a basket of goodies for the visitors.

And here below are my scary visitors -

Tricking and Treating!

We had a lovely time together. But don't you think the smallest Trickster is so, so cute!

It was lovely to meet such funsters - who had distributed 200 notices in the neighbourhood but as of this afternoon there were very few balloons visible. I hope things improved as the evening wore on.