Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boxes of craft

Miss Eagle, dear Reader, is not the craftiest person in the world. However, she does have a bit of a penchant, an affinity from childhood even, for paper and the stuff that goes with it like glue, and pen & ink. This was a box which held a container of tulips a few weeks ago.
This is it now. Pretty and useful.

I covered it with some very pretty scrapbooking paper purchased when Val came over and we went to Craft Fair after lunch. I used some gift tag hearts as well.
The interior was lined with gold gift wrap which wasn't the best quality for gluing. It went wrinkly in an interesting way. It reminds me of gold leaf. So this very pretty box sits in my craft room with my glues and brushes in it.

This tissue box cover was acquired by Herself - in a swap, methinks. It was a bit on the scungy side.

Miss E dipped into the fabric stash and came up roses.

So this is what the tissue box cover looks like now.

Miss Eagle is well pleased with her efforts.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Feeling the frosty mornings

FootFoot, our 13 year old miniature fox terrier, is feeling the cold.

Pea soup in Upper Gully

To-day was the second frost in a row at Upper Gully - and fog. The sun did not penetrate until noon. The thickest Miss Eagle came across was on Burwood Highway near its junction with Mountain Highway - one could barely see the Burwood Highway overpass of the new freeway. These pictures were taken at 8 a.m.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wot's a wot hotel?

Miss Eagle's funny bone was tickled this morning with the subject heading of an email in her in box saying Wot's a Wot Hotel? Many of you will be familiar with wotif and their marvellous accommodation booking service. Miss Eagle stayed in a wonderful unit in Adelaide last year at a very good price courtesy of the wotif service. So wot's a wot hotel? According to wotif deals at luxury hotels that are so good they won't put their name, just descriptions, to the advertising. Don't they want the competition to know? Will it spoil their image if they are seen to be doing bargain basement rates? Will the nouveau riche not come to stay? Miss Eagle remains amused.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A crop and a cat at The Trad Pad

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The backyard Lemon Tree is cropping. This is the first.

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With the addition of a little mint, some sweetener and water, this emerged.

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This white painted basket with its cheerful gingham liner sits on the floor beside my desk. It is waiting to find a home or a function that is not yet clear. There are a number of cat baskets at The Trad Pad - large, commodious and warmly lined. Yet, in yesterday's cold, Rose the SpartaCat decided to curl up in this. One could never have imagined that he would fit - but fit he did. Perhaps - in spite of this basket being lined only with a simple cotton fabic - it was warm because he could curl himself up tightly into the nearest resemblance of a ball that a large, fat, contented cat can manage.

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And this morning, he went nuts. In the pre-dawn dark, as I am sitting in the next room at my computer he is rampant in this chest of drawers in the midst of refurbishment. In, out, roundabout, scratching, on the move, noisy. Mad cat, Rose! Are you training for cheezburger?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Books into birdhouses and bookshelves and bookcases

Miss Eagle is indebted to Barb, our beloved Woof Nanny, who - at Dog-eared and Underlined - drew my attention to This Into That. How wonderful, how clever...and how inspirational!