Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cycling the Yarrowee Trail and the Goldfields Track in the Ballarat Cycle Classic - 10 February 2013

A sign was posted - literally posted as in "placed on a post" - yesterday at the northern end of the Oliver Street crossing of the Yarrowee River at Black Hill.  It's a "watch out" sign.  Apparently, cyclists will be out in force next Sunday and we who live locally will need to keep our eye out for them.  

Believe me, I am very wary of cyclists in packs or en masse ever since this occurred.   I recall reading or hearing a report around this time which said that when those at the front of the pack hesitated or slowed a voice or voices from further back were heard to shout "On, On!".  I am sure that many of us could report behaviour from cycle packs which indicates that many of them have a "we own the road" attitude.  Perhaps someone can inform me if there is a cyclists' code of behaviour or etiquette which might help me to understand this situation more than I do now.

Anyway, the whole thing is in a good cause - the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute.  You can read more about the Ballarat Cycle Classic here
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